Production plants
for high tech fibers

for production plants

Laboratory and
pilot plants

pt_mittelblau Solution spinning of hollow pt_tuerkis Vacuum Pyrolysis Cleaning Oven pt_blau1 Piston spinning
and special fibers pt_tuerkis Solvent Cleaning Units pt_blau1 Polymerization and
pt_mittelblau Spinning plants pt_tuerkis Vacuum dryers Polycondensation Plants
for medical fibers pt_tuerkis Coagulation and washing baths pt_blau1 Vacuum Dryers (VTS)
pt_mittelblau High temperature pt_tuerkis Quench air chambers pt_blau1 Solution wet spinning
melt spinning plants pt_tuerkis Injection extruders pt_blau1 Pilot Melt Spintester
pt_mittelblau Spandex melt pt_tuerkis Hot air and drum dryers pt_blau1 Biconical vacuum dryers
spinning plants pt_blau1 Solid state polycondensation
pt_blau1 Dry spinning plants
pt_blau1 Electrospining plants
pt_blau1 Carbon fiber lines
pt_blau1 Draw twisting units
pt_blau1 Draw texturing units
pt_blau1 After treatment lines