Laboratory piston spinning

Laboratory piston spinning unit for spinning of small polymer quantities

This flexible laboratory plant is suitable for the processing of all kinds of spinnable raw materials, e.g. thermoplastic chips, powder and gel as well as spin dope. For the different requirements of the spinning processes the unit can be built fixed or optionally height adjustable. With the height adjustment it is then possible to exchange quench air chamber, hot shroud, spinning bath and first godet modularly. The after treatment line can also be modified modularly at any time. For the processing of chemically more aggressive polymers the necessary components can be made of corrosion resistant materials. Additionally we offer an extension of piston spinning units to bicomponent piston spinning units The piston spinning unit comprises a cylinder and a piston with a precision drive. This drive is based on a frequency controlled motor and a reduction gear. The spinning material is spun through a spinneret with prefiltration. Depending on diameter and length of the cylinder the filling capacity can vary between approx. 10 cm³ (KS 25, minimum quantity) and 860 cm³ (KS 52, maximum stroke). The material will be tempered or melted by electrical heating, depending on the material requirements. The maximum temperature will be between 300 and 400 °C, depending on the heater type. KS        KS-Umbau