Cleaning solvent

Cleaning solvent process

pt_tuerkis For cleaning especially of filter candles and spinnerets with very small hole diameters. Also suitable for spin packs, spin pumps and other metallic parts
pt_tuerkis Suitable for different soluble polymers, e.g. PET, PA, PUR, etc.
pt_tuerkis Very efficient cleaning in boiling solvent
pt_tuerkis Smooth cleaning, the maximum process temperature is the boiling temperature of the solvent, i.e. significantly below 300 °C, so no influence of
critical thermic effects on the parts
pt_tuerkis The boiling solvent removes polymer residues from the surface of the submerged parts

Solvent cleaning unit

pt_tuerkis Non-pressurized vessel design
pt_tuerkis Process orientated safety interlocks
pt_tuerkis Individual overtemperature monitoring for each heater
pt_tuerkis Recirculation of vaporized solvent into the vessel by reflux condenser
pt_tuerkis Removal of low boiling liquids (e. g. water) by drain condenser
pt_tuerkis Fully automated, microprocessor controlled cleaning cycle
pt_tuerkis Simple loading and unloading of cleanable parts in suitable loading baskets

Standard type overview