Fourné Laboratory and Pilot Melt Spintester

Fourné Laboratory and Pilot Melt Spintester


The well known and proven technology of Fourné melt spintesters is especially suitable for:

pt_blau1 Testing of spinnability of polymer materials (chips or powder)
pt_blau1 Production of smallest amounts of filament yarn or fibers
pt_blau1 Production of material samples
pt_blau1 Development of new fiber materials for special applications

For these processes all the advantages of a Fourné melt spintester become apparent, i.e.:

pt_blau1 Lowest raw material demand and minimized throughput with optimum homogeneity of the melt in Fourné spinning extruders
pt_blau1 Retrofitting of side stream units for liquid or melted additives
pt_blau1 Extendable for all kinds of bi- and multi-component fiber production
pt_blau1 Optional equipment available for production of hollow fibers
pt_blau1 Reproduction of the production process in a small space
pt_blau1 One-man operation possible

Laboratory spintesters allow tests with material throughputs between 300 g and 5 kg per hour. With pilot spinning plants throughputs from
4 kg to 50 kg per hour are possible, depending on the specification.

The standard spinning systems are designed for polymers with spinning temperatures up to approx. 350 °C, suitable for e.g. PET, PA, PP, PE.
Optionally Fourné can offer a high temperature system for spinning temperatures up to 500 °C, so that spinning of polymers like PEEK or PPS become possible.


Depending on the specification titers of 22 – 240 or 100 to 500 dtex are possible for multifilaments, comprising a capillary fineness of 0,5 to 20 dtex. For monofilaments diameters of approx. 0,01 to 0,15 mm are practicable.

Fourné melt spinning plants can be designed for different spinning processes:

pt_blau1 Monofilament production
pt_blau1 POY spinning of textile yarns
pt_blau1 FDY spinning of textile yarns
pt_blau1 MOY spinning of textile yarns
pt_blau1 UDY spinning of textile yarns
pt_blau1 BCF spinning of carpet yarns
pt_blau1 Production of technical and industrial yarns
pt_blau1 Bicomponent yarns and fibers
pt_blau1 Spinning of hollow fibers
pt_blau1 Spunbond and melt blown non-wovens
pt_blau1 Spundied filament yarns and fibers with masterbatch dosing systems

With universal spintesters it is possible to run several of these processes on a single plant.