Laboratory and Pilot Wet Spintesters

Several polymers like Hydrocellulose, PAN, Acetate, and Polyurethane, but also e.g. Polyamide monofilaments, are wet spun. This results in different process requirements
regarding solvent, concentration of the solution and materials of parts like vessels and spinnerets.


Based on a modular system Fourné is able to offer laboratory and pilot plants that allow working with most spin dopes. This permits research and development of:

pt_blau1 spinnability of new fiber polymers, spun from a solution
pt_blau1 production of small amounts of filament yarns or fibers as well as bulk samples for production tests
pt_blau1 testing of new solvents
pt_blau1 testing of changes in solids content of the spinning solution
pt_blau1 new fiber polymers for solution spinning processes
pt_blau1 optimization of the spinning process for transfer into the production

The high flexibility is achieved by several design advantages, e.g.:

pt_blau1 selection of vessel size according to the available amount of solution
pt_blau1 single dope vessel for batch operation or multiple vessels for continuous operation
pt_blau1 optimum solution preparation and homogenization with advanced stirrer design
pt_blau1 homogenous temperature of the spin dope within a wide temperature range
pt_blau1 exchangeable precision spin pumps for a wider throughput range
pt_blau1 exchangeable spinneret holders for horizontal spinning in the coagulation bath, vertical spinning in the coagulation bath or air gap spinning
pt_blau1 height adjustable coagulation bath
pt_blau1 individual temperature adjustment of the washing and stretching baths, hot air channels and drum dryers
pt_blau1 flexible configuration of baths and dryers, optionally moveable on wheels
pt_blau1 advanced process control and automation system, operated from a PC close to the spinning unit, optionally with master speed control
pt_blau1 optionally explosion proof execution of susceptible components